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All your handwritten notes are forever with you. Nuwa Pen is a smart pen equipped with cameras, motion sensors, and advanced algorithms. Turn your writing into retrievable notes on all your devices. Just write, and Nuwa Pen digitizes. It is patent-pending and will start shipping in October 2024.

Color: Black Ebony
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Comments from our customers

"What is this amazing device? Need to find out more. I’m definitely a pen and paper notetaker despite working and researching technology and AI."


"I would LOVE to use this pen to write my next book! Looking into it!"

Alex Elle

"This is actually really exciting. I used to have to use a color printer to print special paper to work with my smart pen about ten years ago. I like my iPad but it isn’t like paper."

Dawn Marie

"Good luck guys, this sounds very exciting! I’ll be ordering a Christmas present for myself."

John Jones

"Love this! Lately I’ve had the dilemma between sticking to digital notes or handwritten, but this bridges that gap in many ways… very cool concept."

Phil Beans

"Ok well this is the dream. Considering I research on AI doe 8-10 hours a day but still write handwritten notes. This is literally my world in a product."


Included in the box

Nuwa Pen

Ballpoint Pen Powered by Computer Vision

Charging Case

Provides 5 Full Recharges


Charger Cable For The Case

D1 Cartridges

3 Additional Refills


Technical and Security Information

Shipping in Late Summer 2024

More information on pre-orders

Believing in what the future holds brings it thrills. If you're on this page, you're excited about a smart pen that digitizes what you put to any paper. The Nuwa Pen is in a late stage of development, which is why we're offering a discount to those who believe in us early.

The more you know.

Nuwa Pen Spec Sheet

All the details you might want to know about the internals of Nuwa Pen. From the size of our image sensors to how much it weighs (which is about as much as 12 pennies or 1 AA battery).

Product Size and Weight

143 x 10.75mm (5.91 x 0.42 inches)

Approximately 28 grams (0.062 pounds)


1.63 mm image diagonal per sensor

3.6 μm by 3.6 μm

Triple camera system, for all around view


Intelligent motion sensors for orientation and gesture detection 4096 pressure levels