How will AI affect the marketing world in the future?

How will AI affect the marketing world in the future?
If we go back ten years ago and tell our fellow marketers about AI and how it helps us in our work, they would probably lose their minds. Today, that excitement has settled down as we’re confronted with reality and with questions for the future. What does all of this mean for the future of marketing?

The pros, as advertised by AI’s advocates, are that you get it to do your “dirty work” so that you can focus on more important tasks. It’s essentially an extension of our minds and skills, allowing us to declutter our brains with mindless tasks and focus on creativity. But is this really the case?

 What marketers do best is use their creativity to figure out the customer's needs and wants, come up with a solution, and present it engagingly and emotionally. The key word here is emotional. As a company, you can establish algorithms to use generative AI to your advantage, but that would be beneficial only to the extent to which it provides feedback and research based on pre-existing information. Innovation and thinking out of the box fall through the cracks if you rely on AI too much.

After all, there is nothing that can compare to your own writing.

Your brand identity, your unique voice, is essentially what makes you stand out. People need to build that connection to engage and trust in your brand, and humans do emotions best.

So if you’re an imaginative, original thinker, you need to keep harnessing those crucial qualities in the field.

Cultivate your natural creativity! It will always be your strongest suit.

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