It's 2019 - Marc's desperately juggling time between work, university, and startups.

Like millions around the world, Marc loves working with pen and paper. It helps him manifest his thoughts in the real world and avoid digital distractions. But, his busy schedule and sporadic moments of inspiration left him with sticky notes flooding his office and apartment. Marc soon realized he wasn't alone; his colleagues had similar problems, committing their ideas to paper that they'd inevitably lose. This observation got him thinking - why has nobody made a pen that remembers our notes and to-do lists?

It all started with a core idea

Marc's core idea began to blossom. The pen he imaged should do more than remember his handwritten notes. Everything he commits to paper with a pen should be saved, searchable, synced, and sharable. Wherever Marc goes, so does his notebook. It's full of sketches, meeting notes, and diagrams. More often than not, he has to scour through pages, searching for the details of a critical conversation or his latest big idea. With Nuwa Pen, Marc can type in a name, date, or topic, and ta-da! His notes appear like magic.

A few years on, Marc and the extraordinary Nuwa team are setting out to make the world your canvas. Eventually, they will create the tools capable of bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Lessening our reliance on screens and creating more time in the real world. Nuwa Pen is an exquisite tool and an innovative first step.

What does the future of Nuwa look like?

Nuwa Pen is just the beginning of a new era of extended reality. Imagine being able to work and play in a world where the boundaries between screens and reality are blurred. Nuwa Pen will catalyze this transformation, empowering you to explore and interact with our world without compromising digital productivity. We're creating the groundwork in culture and technical know-how that'll support a new age. It's an exciting future, with Nuwa shaping the computing experience for the people of tomorrow.

The Nuwa Pen Story

An old problem needs a new solution.

Paper Everywhere

This was Marc's view during his office job. He had his journals, sticky notes, and loose sheets spread across his desk. He wanted one place to store everything digitally without adding to his screen time. But paper tablets and special paper solutions didn't quite cut it: they didn't allow him to use whatever paper he lying around! So he thought, why not strap a camera around a ballpoint pen?

Let's create

Starting Up

We set up a world-class startup team to tackle the challenge of integrating cameras, motion sensors, and cutting-edge algorithms into a device the size of a regular pen. The team set out to not just make a pen that can digitize your handwriting but to make the smartest pen in the world.

Heading to market.


In early 2023, we presented our V1 prototype to visitors at the largest consumer technology event in the world. The response was incredible. Leading journals and potential partnerships were pouring in, sharing the excitement for the future of writing we developed. Later that year, we topped our previous pre-orders records. That excitement persists, and we can't wait to share the new era of writing with you.