Nuwa Pen creates a digital twin of your handwritten notes.

Nuwa Pen - for Business



Don't you have the feeling that your attention has been stolen? That whenever you're in a meeting an email pop-ups, and then you are merged into a new priority that needs your attention?

Nuwa Pen helps you to concentrate and simplify your workflow with a pen that allows you to write down your thoughts and capture them digitally. No more distractions, your information will be digitized and converted into type writing using a few clicks.

Smart Assistant.

Typing your notes over so that it becomes easier for your colleagues to read, becomes a drag after a while.

Nuwa Pen is your personal companion that transcripts your handwritten notes into typed written documents, so they can be eligible to read by everyone.

And even more, Nuwa Pen with its Augmented Notes feature, helps you to generate new meetings, add to-dos to your productivity app, and save your notes to later retrieve them.

Nuwa Pen is more than just a pen - it's your personal assistant, helping you navigate your day with ease and efficiency.

Like regular pen but better.

Nothing compares to the feeling that you have when you are writing pen to paper. I guess that is why multiple gadgets try to simulate this feeling. But it's not about replacing the traditional pen and paper; rather, it's about enhancing it with the power of digital technology.

Pen and paper have been with us for ages; everyone learned to write with these tools. That billion-dollar idea flows when writing by hand with real ink on paper.

Nuwa Pen is your all-time favorite note-taking tool that creates a digital twin of your notes.

Safe and Secure.

Imagine having one device that captures all your handwritten notes, syncs them with your favorite productivity apps, and stores them safely in an easy-to-search and share format.

Writing with the freedom to use any paper, syncing with more than 50 productivity apps without additional steps, and securely storing easy-to-search and share notes.

Your notes will be encrypted for your private use or your team.

Pen Features

Trident Camera

That captures every stroke on any paper.

Ergonomic Design

For longer writing periods.

Storage & Ram

Equipped with a 2Gb memory and unlimited cloud storage.

App Features

Digitize your notes

Transcript them into typewriting form.

Sync, search, and share your notes with your team.

Augmented notes with 50+ apps


Shipping to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.